Fiber Laser Welder 1500W Air-cooled integrated welding machine metal stainless steel

Short Description:

Portable small laser welding machine 1. Handheld welding, simple operation. 2. The weight of the machine is less than 60KG, which is convenient for transportation and carrying. 3. Air-cooled integrated welding machine


1. The welding speed is fast, 2-10 times faster than traditional welding. One machine can save at least 2 welders a year.

2. The operation mode of the handheld welding gun head enables the workpiece to be welded at any position and at any angle. 3. No need for welding table, small footprint, diversified welding products, and flexible product shapes.

4. Low welding cost, low energy and low maintenance cost.

5. Beautiful welding seam: the welding seam is smooth and beautiful without welding scars, the workpiece is not deformed, and the welding is firm, reducing the follow-up grinding process, saving time and cost.

6. No consumables: laser welding without welding wire requires less consumables, longer life, safer and more environmentally friendly.


Product Detail

Product Tags

Laser Type
Fiber Laser
1000w 1500w 2000w
Laser Source
Raycus/Max/IPG(customer choice)
Welding Type

Fiber continuous laser hand-held welding machine “Fiber continuous laser hand-held welding machine” is composed of an integrated cabinet, fiber laser,refrigeration water circulation system, laser control system and hand-held welding joint. This product is widely used in metal advertising word welding, stainless steel engineering welding, sheet metal cabinet welding and large sheet metal structure welding. Hand-held laser welding can replace manual arc welding in thin material welding and precision welding. The main application scenarios are sheet metal, home appliances, hardware kitchen and bathroom industries Common such as: sheet metal parts, cabinets, gas stoves, anti-theft doors and Windows, hutch and so on. Welding materials:Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum..



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