High Quality 3-1 Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine 1000W 1500W Welder Water-cooled integrated welding machine

Short Description:

Laser Welding Machine Advantage
★Cost-Effective welding
★Good welding surface effect
★High quality laser output
★Regular off-the-shelf supply


3 IN 1 Function
The all-in-one laser cleaning and welding machine is equipped with a Ruida control system, with two modes of cleaning and welding, which can be flexibly switched. The hand-held laser cleaning and welding machine enables novice welders to master cleaning and welding operations with only a few hours of training. Reduce labor costs while improving quality, consistency, and productivity. Laser cleaning welding machine is an innovative product that is simple to operate, economical and intelligent.


Product Detail

Product Tags

Machine Name
Laser Welding Machine
Output Power
Metal Welding
Pulse Width
Fiber length
8~10 Meters
Laser Head Brand
Sup/Relfar 3 IN 1
Laser Source
Raycus/JPT/MAX Laser Source
Key Selling Points
Easy to Operate
Cooling System
S&A Water Cooling
Application material
Aluminum; Copper; Stainless Steel
Welding mode
Manual Handheld


Laser Source: 1000W 1500W 2000W For OptionsIt has higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, better and more stable beam quality, and stronger anti-high-reflection ability.

Hanli Water Chiller
1. The temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.5℃.
2. It has two temperature control modes, which are suitable for different use occasions; it has a variety of settings and fault display functions.
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