Handheld 20W 30W Raycus Light Path Mini Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Short Description:

Handheld split laser marking machine
laser Marking machine portable engraving machine
1.Brand Laser Source Brand advantages of core components, Raycus lasers/JPT lasers are of good quality and high stability (all listed companies, after-sales guarantee). The laser spot mode is good The marking effect is better than other lasers with the same parameters.
2. Durable Cabinet The material of our machine shell is thick and heavy, and the thickness of the shell is not less than 1.5mm.The cabinet is firm and durable. The thickness of the cabinet on the conventional market is about 1.0mm.
3. Highly Practical The product shape is highly practical, and the structure is simple and generous according to the ergonomic design.
1. A variety of appearances, you can choose the models you need according to the actual situation.2. With multiple marking methods, color marking, ordinary marking and 3D marking can be realized

3. Green environmental protection, low energy consumption and high efficiency.

4. Will not be affected by external weather.

5. The marking speed is 3-12 times that of the traditional marking machine

6. Support Windows system and fonts.

7. Operating system: Windows xp/ 2000/98/7/8/10 system.