Pneumatic marking machine with rotary

Short Description:

In order to mark round work pieces, a rotating shaft is equipped. Print text and graphics on the arc surface of the component. The CNC rotation axis is computer-controlled and can rotate the printing work piece 360 degrees, and the computer automatically compensates.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Users can enter and arrange freely Chinese characters, Arabic numerals, arbitrary graphics.

Can automatically print serial number, car VLN code directly call.

Print content can be saved.

Can be printed on any shape of the work piece.

No special requirements on the surface of the printing site, can be adapted to cast, forged surface.

Any materials that hardness is not greater than HRC60 can be printed.

The print head can be flexibly mounted to suit different production sites.

Technical Parameter

Carving depth


Carving speed

7 5th characters/7 seconds

Needle hardness


Needle frequency


Air pressure




Power consumption


Marking range


CNC rotary head

130mm standard chuck, clamping outside diameter 250mm, inside diameter 130mm, load bearing≤20 kg


Aircraft parts, auto parts, motorcycle parts, circuit boards PCB, the valve body, the mechanical parts, the paper packaging, and so on. Metal parts, machine tools, metal products, metal pipes, gears, pumps, valves, fasteners, steel, instrumentation, mechanical and electrical equipment, such as metal marking, plastic products, circuit boards, leather products marking or PVC Nameplate marking.

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