Dot peen Marking Machine

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The marking needle is controlled by the computer to move in accordance with the computer-edited character pattern trajectory, and the marking needle is applied to the workpiece under the action of compressed air.

High-frequency impact is used to form characters and graphics on the workpiece.

Operating software based on Windows platform, powerful editing function and more convenient to use. Can print Chinese and English

Characters, Arabic numerals, arbitrary graphics, automatic serial number marking, international standard VIN code marking, and dial marking.

Technical Parameter

Machine model ZCDP
Engraving content numbers, Chinese, English characters, graphic symbols (vector diagram)
Character size the size can be adjusted arbitrarily
Engraving speed 100-7000mm/min (can be set arbitrarily, the engraving effect has a great relationship with the speed)
Marking materials metals and non-metals with hardness below HRC55
Marking depth 0.02-1.5mm (adjustable, related to quality, the deepest marking on ordinary stainless steel can be 1mm)
Repeatability 0.02-0.05mm, can clearly engrave 0.5mm English characters (or 0.8mm Chinese characters)
Power source AC220V±10%50/60Hz (AC110V±10%50/60Hz can also be equipped
Air source pressure 0.3-0.7MPa (related to the depth requirement of marking)
Air consumption 25-120L/min (related to the depth requirement of marking)
Work system continuous work (24-hour work)


1. Automobile and motorcycle industry: for body, frame, chassis, beam, engine, connecting rod, cylinder, piston, cylinder liner, gear, water pump, spring steel
Engraving the factory number, production number, production date, name, trademark, etc. on the board;
2. Machinery industry: for various mechanical parts, machine tools, hardware products, steel pipes, casings, couplings, cones, pump body valves, flanges
Marking of discs and fasteners;
3. Marking of instruments and electromechanical equipment;
4. Marking of plastic products and leather products;
5. Engraving data, factory number, production date, etc. on signs (nameplates) made of aluminum, copper, stainless steel, PVC and other materials;
6. Engraving the dial.

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  • Dotpeen Marking Machine

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