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The software is seamlessly connected with various graphics processing software such as AUTOCAD and CorelDraw. The direct original image output function is more suitable for the user's on-site design requirements. Advanced color management, support for any number of colors, freely define the engraving sequence, can easily achieve all or part of one-time output.

Use USB, U disk, network port to transfer data, and is equipped with built-in large-capacity storage, which greatly improves working speed and efficiency.

According to the different processing objects of the user, professional accessories can be configured for each processing occasion, such as aluminum or iron honeycomb bottom plates with different apertures, metal grids with different gaps and negative pressure adsorption devices for soft materials.

The automatic lifting platform is designed for engraving and cutting of thick materials. Users can engrave on different thick materials at will, which is convenient and quick.

Rotary engraving accessories designed for customers due to irregular materials. Whether it is on a bar that is monolithic in a regular circle, or on a bar with only a part of it in a regular circle or flat, it is handy to engrave.

A device specially designed for users to absorb the smoke and dust generated by cutting and engraving, showing the concept of user-consciousness everywhere. One machine is multi-purpose, suitable for the requirements of different orders of users.

Red light, CO2 laser beam combined with the same optical path collimation design (according to customer needs, optional items)

Use certified electrical components to meet the safety standards of European and American markets

Technical Parameter

Model ZC9060 ZC1390 ZC1325
Working Area 900*600MM 1300*900MM 1300*2500MM
Laser Medium CO2
Laser Power 60w 100w 130w 150w
Max Cutting Speed 30m/min
Max Engraving Speed 60m/min
Engraving Thickness 0-25mm
Smallest engraving size 1*1mm
Position Accuracy ±0.01mm
File format Direct output from Coreldraw and Autocad software,Compatible with embroidery software and image processing software formats such as DSTDSBDXFPLT, etc.
 Voltage AC 220V,50HZ
Power of the Machine 1200W


Non-metallic materials such as leather, clothing denim, wood products, plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, unsaturated rouge and so on.

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